Friday, July 15, 2011

Apostrophe Summer 2011

The summer 2011 issue of Apostrophe (now at the printer) speaks to questions raised by an Easter Seals study that shows a big gap in attitudes and expectations between parents of adult children with disabilities and parents of adult children without disabilities.

Parents of children with special needs will find practical, no-nonsense advice for financial planning, including a check list in an article reprinted from the Wall Street Journal.

Exclamation Points! features Marianne Russo, host of Coffee Klatch Web talk radio, who speaks and writes about the isolation, stigma and confusion of parents raising a special needs child. She and her team have created a morning chat for parents.

“It became very apparent to me, very quickly, that many of these parents were getting misinformation or were not aware of accommodations and the importance of early interventions,” Russo says. “They were struggling, overwhelmed, isolated and feeling defeated.”
Apostrophe will be a guest on Coffee Klatch in September.

As important as it is to discuss disabilities, Apostrophe is more concerned with abilities, like those of writer Zack Trewett of Helena, for example. Freelancer Kristine Ellis writes about the fantastic worlds Trewett has created using his imagination and a computer. We’ve reprinted an excerpt from Trewett’s book, Kel’De Mar: The Blood Cross Chronicles.
As always, in the can-and-do spirit, we’ve included how-to features. Learn how to make a refreshing Tuscan salad band how to care for a new dog beginning.

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