Monday, March 14, 2011

Opt-in instead of opt-out

HB 456 would make all sex education in public schools Opt-In instead of Opt-Out

Currently, local school boards determine the sexual education curriculum in their districts. The public is entitled to have input into these decisions during public hearings. If they do not agree with these decisions, they can voice their concern and they can vote against individual board members who have made decisions that are contrary to what they believe is appropriate for their district.
HB 456 would change the law to require every parent in Montana to affirmatively "opt-in" for sex education for their kids. This opt-in would be required for more than just sexual education classes. It would be required for any course, class, assembly, "organized school function, or information regarding sexual acts." Only if both parents or the child's legal guardian consents in writing can a student receive any education about human sexuality or any other instruction, such as discussions of literature or art, that include any discussion of sexuality issues or sexual acts.

Find out why Disability Rights Montana testified against the bill. 

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