Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Economic Impact of Autism on Families

In the summer 2012 Apostrophe (now at the printer), Laura McKenna, former political science professor, blogger, and freelance writer, discusses how autism affects families economically.  

"After parents first receive the news from a doctor or a teacher that their child is on the autistic spectrum, there is an inevitable period of grieving as they process the news," she writes as a guest blogger in The Atlantic. "They must accept the fact that their child will face serious challenges and may miss out on the milestone events — a home run on the Little League game, a driver's license, the prom — that other parents proudly post on their Facebook page. Most parents get over it. The child will have his own achievements and will reach different milestones, which are treasured as much as the traditional ones. Parental love and pride pushes aside the devastation." Read the whole thing here...

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