Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yet Another Chance To Settle Key Question In 1992 Murder Conviction

Richard Lapointe In Appellate Court, Seeks New Trial

Apostrophe contributor Robert Perske sends this story by columnist Rick Green from The Hartford Currant: Set aside, for the moment, the image of clumsy, mentally disabled Richard Lapointe deftly pulling off the violent attack, rape and murder of a heavyset 88-year-old woman in a matter of minutes.
We ought to make sure we convicted the right man in the infamous 25-year-old Lapointe case.
That's the essence of the question that came before the Connecticut Appellate Court on Friday morning as lawyers continued a long struggle to get Lapointe, now 66 years old, a new trial. Over the two decades of appeals since Lapointe's conviction in 1992 a string of lawyers – backed by a hardy, dwindling group of supporters – have failed to convince any court that the former dishwasher from Manchester deserves a new trial. Read more...

Read Perske's account of the Sad Case of Richard Lapointe here.

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