Monday, March 12, 2012

Joe Arridy now has a Wikipedia page

Joseph "Joe" Arridy (April 15, 1915 – January 6, 1939) was a mentally disabled American man executed for rape and murder and posthumously granted a pardon.[1] Arridy was sentenced to death for the murder and rape of a Pueblo, Colorado schoolgirl.[2] He confessed to murdering the girl and assaulting her sister. Due to the sensational nature of the crime precautions were taken to keep him from being hanged by vigilante justice.[2][3]His sentence was executed after multiple stays on January 6, 1939.[4] Arridy was the first Colorado prisoner posthumously pardoned in January 2011 by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, a former district attorney, after research had shown that Arridy was likely not in Pueblo when the crime happened and had been coerced into confessing.[1][5][6]

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