Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Appreciation week

Kyler Morrison of Whitefish has led an an effort in the Montana Legislature to promote a greater understanding of people with developmental disabilities. House Joint Resolution No. 5, sponsored by Kalispell Republican Rep. Keith Regier, would create a Montanans with Developmental Disabilities Week. 

Here's the key "Be it Further Resolved" section: 

With Developmental Disabilities Week is timely and necessary, and encourages all people, school districts, community colleges, cities and counties, public and private institutions of higher education, state and local agencies, nonprofit and community-based organizations, and private businesses and corporations to observe Montanans With Developmental Disabilities Week by declaring appropriate classroom instructional time or by coordinating all inclusive activities to be conducted during that week to afford opportunities for Montana citizens to learn more about the developmental disability community and to celebrate and honor its role in contemporary American society.

Apostrophe will feature a story on Kyler in the Spring (April-June) 2011 issue.

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